Creating a Bathroom Welcome Box for Guests

If you have a highly demanded rental property, you may have multiple guests coming and going each week during the busy seasons. To keep turnover quick and easy, here at Guesthouses we recommend creating an elegant, but inexpensive, Bathroom Welcome Box. This will allow you to provide all the necessary toiletries for your guests, and give your property a more luxurious feel. Below are all the items needed to create your Bathroom Welcome Box, which can be produced for less than $3 per box!

1. White (or Patterned!) Candy Box with Ivory Patterned Pad

Bakery boxes, or candy boxes, are the perfect size to hold and display all the toiletries. They make them in many shapes and sizes, and they are very inexpensive. Additionally, the pad at the bottom of the box will add some flair and color to the display. Cost: Candy Box: $0.40/box & Pad: $0.19/box

2. Bergman Kelly Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner

These half-ounce travel size bottles are inexpensive and can be ordered in bulk. Running only $32 for a pack of 100 (50 of each bottle), these won’t break the bank and will be appreciated by your guests who had their shampoo taken away by the TSA before their flight! They fit perfectly into the Candy Box linked above. Cost: $0.64/pair

3. Bergman Kelly Travel Size Bar Soap

Consistency is key! Adding a travel size bar of soap from the same manufacturer will better tie the box together and make it seem more professional. There is also a body wash option available for a few more cents per bottle. Cost: $0.49/bar

4. 5-Inch Comb

When your guest wakes up with bad bedhead, they will certainly be thanking you for including a comb in their Bathroom Welcome Box. This is the most inexpensive item included in the box, and can save your guest from a bad hair day! Cost: $0.12/unit

5. Crest ProHealth Travel Toothpaste

The final item in the box is perhaps the most important. Often guests will run out of toothpaste during their stay, and this will be an excellent back up. Additionally, this will set you apart from the competition, as even most hotels do not include toothpaste in their bathrooms! Cost: $0.89/unit

Once all the items have arrived, sit down with some music and spend some time creating a dozen or so of these Bathroom Welcome Boxes. It will speed up turnover between guests and add a sense of luxury and professionalism to the accommodations. Total Cost: $2.73!


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