Top Picks - Charlottesville’s Glorious Sandwich & Salad Lunch Scene

person eating a sandwhich

What makes UVA alumni and Charlottesville visitors return to town? Surprisingly…the sandwich and salad scene is one of the top reasons. You’ll hear people around town meeting up with old friends saying: “Oh, I have to get my Take it Away fix” or “I really need my Roots today before leaving town”. We are going to give you the Top Sandwich and Salad Lunch Places in Charlottesville. You’ll be coming back for more too!


It’s all in the SAUCE. A UVA tradition for over 26 years, located on The Corner and The Dairy Market, looks like a typical sandwich sauce but when you add their house dressing to the French bread sandwich, you’ll understand why people keep coming back for more.

Where to take it?

From The Corner, walk across Main Street and enter UVA Grounds. We love taking the sandwiches and walking up to the Rotunda to eat on the iconic stairs overlooking the UVA Lawn. Enjoy indoor and outdoor seating at The Dairy Market!

UVA lawn


We’ve tried salad restaurants all over the country and we have to brag that we may have one of the BEST! Roots is a newer addition to the scene in Charlottesville and it’s a HUGE hit. The line starts to wrap around the Corner most weekdays and weekends at 11:30 am, but we believe it's worth the wait. They believe “food is a powerful tool” and only use authentic ingredients. The “El Jefe” will rock your world.

Where to take it?

Just down the street from Take-It-Away, we recommend eating in one of UVA’s Pavilion Gardens behind the homes on the UVA Lawn. Fenced in by serpentine walls designed by Jefferson, the Gardens are truly beautiful spaces.

The Market

A gas station?!?! Yes, one of the best sandwich shops is in an Exxon gas station. Over 25 years ago, a company bought a gas station and opened a gourmet grocery and sandwich shop inside. It seemed like a crazy idea, but it’s been one of the biggest successes in Charlottesville! All of the sandwiches are named after different areas in town and are AMAZING.

Where to take it?

Returning visitors love to pick up sandwiches and head out to the vineyards out West and eat with their delicious glass of wine.

Charlottesville winery

Greenwood Grocery

“Keep it local.” is the tagline for this charming grocery out in Greenwood, VA about a mile from one of Charlottesville’s favorite vineyards, King Family Vineyards. Each sandwich is made with such care that combines delectable ingredients like Virginia Ham and fig preserves. It’s quite heavenly.

Where to take it?

On Sundays from May to September, grab a sandwich and anything else you can find in the divine store, and head over to King Family Vineyards to watch a polo match. Channel your inner royal.

Great Harvest Bread Company

Freshly baked bread with only natural ingredients. As visitors enter, they are welcomed with a free slice of bread or baked goods as workers are pipping out new bread every few minutes. A carefully curated menu of sandwiches and salads will have you coming back for more. The Cville Crunch is divine.

Where to take it?

Take your whole family over to Greenleaf Park where the kids can run around and enjoy the play equipment and nature trails. Beautiful in the fall season with plenty of trees!

Tillman’s Wine & Cheese

Located on Charlottesville’s iconic mile-long pedestrian Downtown Mall, this delightful wine and cheese restaurant sells some delicious gourmet sandwiches. Don’t want a sandwich? Be French and just grab a baguette, cheese, and wine!

Where to take it?

Right outside their front door! You can’t beat the people watching, the beauty, and the fun on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall!

Ivy Provisions

Beside one of Charlottesville's longest standing schools, St. Anne's-Belfield School, Ivy Provisions offers a creative menu that changes with the seasons, but includes Breakst Servied All Day!

Where to take it?

A great option to grab and take to King Family for a Summer Sunday Polo Match.

Revolutionary Soup

Nicknamed Rev Soup, you'll find so much more on their fresh, seasonal menu. The Revs Farmers salad and Mozzarella & Pesto sandwich are two of our favorite take-out options on a busy weekday.

Where to take it?

Back to the boardroom or down to the IX Art Park.


Enjoy! Charlottesville’s amazing lunch spots are just the start of your memorable time here! Want the perfect weekend?!